Battery Modular Connectors

Single-Pole BMC Series 4 Housing Sizes (Small, Medium, Medium-Large, Large) The Single-Pole Battery Modular Connectors (BMC) offer versatile solutions for diverse power connection needs. Available in four housing sizes, these connectors support various contacts, each with a specific amperage rating and wire size. They handle currents up to 230A and wire sizes from #20 AWG to 1/0 (60 mm²), providing flexibility. Housing colors aid identification, and these housings can be paired with different contacts for wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, wire-to-device, or board-to-board connections. This adaptability ensures seamless integration into various systems, meeting unique connectivity needs. In summary, these connectors are compact, customizable, and reliable, accommodating different amperage requirements and wire sizes, making them suitable for diverse applications across industries. SPECIFICATIONS FEATURES 2 ● Precision contact alignment & swiping system ensures minimal contact resistance at high current, with a swiping action that cleans the contact surface during connection/disconnection. ● Interchangeable genderless design facilitates quick and easy assembly. ● Standardized genderless housing reduces SKUs and simplifies critical inventory management. ● Silver plated copper contacts provide excellent conductivity. Optional tin-plated contacts available for Single-Pole BMC 045 (Small) housing. ● Color-coded housings ensure connectors are easily and accurately assembled and mated. ● The slotted modular connectors allow for convenient horizontal or vertical stacking of multiple modules, providing efficient configuration and expansion options. ● Single-Pole BMC ground connector is green for clear visual identification of the ground terminal. Available in Gendered and Genderless variations. ● Chemical Resistant Housings, PBT – BMC1M (Medium) offer durability against environmental factors. Ideal for Automotive, Industrial, and Personal Mobility industries. ● UL94 V-0/V-2 Deploy with confidence knowing that KST connectors meets strict flammability ratings. ● Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to 125°C ● Voltage Rating: 600 Volts ● Contact Retention Force (lbs.): 25 ● UL94 V-2 (Small)/ UL94 V/0 (Medium/Medium-large/Large): Deploy with confidence knowing that KST connectors meets strict flammability ratings. ● Housing Material: PC (Chemical Resistant - PBT)