CCS1 EV Charging Connector Charging Stations, Workplace Charging Stations, Fleet Charging Stations IEC 61851: • Charging Mode 4, case C CCS1 is a standard for EV charging in the US & Canada, providing up to 200 Kilowatts. The CCS1 (Combined Charging System 1) connector integrates both Type 1 communication & ground, with DC charging functionalities. The Type 1 interface, retains two communication pins and a protective earth contact. Directly below the Type 1 Interface, two DC contacts are added to facilitate DC Fast Charging. • Requirements Compliance: The CCS1 series of EV Charging Connectors comply with technical requirements IEC 62196-3, and are suitable for Mode 4, EVSE to vehicle infrastructure applications. • Reliable Connectivity: Withstands 10,000+ mating cycles, offering low contact resistance for dependable charging. • Ergonomic Durability: Rugged, unibody design ensures comfort, intuitive handling and longevity.. • IP67 and IP44 Certified: IP67 (Body) and IP44 (Mated), reliable performance, even in the harshest of environments. • Demonstrated Durability: All of our connectors must pass 5000N safety and reliability drive-over test. • Certified for Safety: UL 2251 Safety Standards Certification. Standard & Features Applications Product Specifications (Body) DC E-S V3F259-BSMI CCS1 F Type VCPUXDxxxFx VCPUXD150F0 VCPUXD200FH VCPUXD250FJ VCPUXD300F0 CCS1 EV Charging Connector Specification Item Number Amp Cable Specification Rated Voltage 1000V DC Operating Temperature -40 ~50 Force ≤100 Main Materials PBT/PC/PA66/Copper Alloy Lifespan ≥10000 Certification No. E472157 Flammability Rating UL 94V-0 Cable Standard UL62 IP (Body) IP67 Cable Length 5M IP (Mated) IP44 C C VCPUXD150F0 150A 4x3AWG+1x12AWG+6x18AWG VCPUXD200FH 200A 4x3AWG+1x12AWG+6x18AWG VCPUXD250FJ 250A 4x2AWG+1x12AWG+6x18AWG VCPUXD300F0 300A 4x1/0AWG+1x12AWG+6x18AWG CP DCCS PE DC+ 28.3mm 306mm 33.5mm 21 Customized solutions White Titanium Cement gray Iron Gray Black Army Green Black And White Shell colors White Titanium Black Cement gray Army Green Iron Gray Black And White Replaceable VCPULDA0-SET