Standard & Features Applications Product Specifications 42.5mm 194.4mm 62.2mm VCPN2A032A0 VCPN2A050A0 VCPNXD080A0 VCPN2A032A0 / VCPN2A050A0 VCPN2A080A0 VCPNXD080A0 219.6mm 49.7mm to provide seamless and efficient charging for electric vehicles (EVs). KST J3400 AC EV Charging Connector aims to deliver high performance, user convenience, and compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles. This connector is a crucial component of the charging infrastructure that supports the widespread adoption of electric mobility. Ergonomic Durability: The unibody design ensures comfort, intuitive handling, while its rugged construction enhances longevity. Reliable Connectivity: Withstands over 10,000 mating cycles, offering low contact resistance for dependable charging. Certified Toughness: Aces the 5000N driveover test, ensuring electrical wiring meets industry standards. High-Level Safety: Meets NACS specifications and UL safety standards, providing superior protection even in harsh conditions. Advanced Safety Measures: Incorporates safeguards against overcurrent, overvoltage, and temperature fluctuations, prioritizing user and vehicle well-being. Efficient Charging: Optimizes power transfer for swift AC charging, reducing vehicle charging times. All-Weather Reliability: Designed to endure various environments, indoors and outdoors, assuring consistent performance. Residential Installations, Workplace Charging Stations, Fleet Charging Stations & Service Centers J3400 AC EV Charging Connector Specification Item Number Cable Specification VCPN2A032A0 / VCPN2A032A0-RF Rated Voltage 240V AC Operating Temperature -40 ~50 Force ≤100 Maximum Elevation 4000M Lifespan ≥10000 Main Materials PBT/PC/PA66/Copper Alloy Flammability Rating UL 94V-0 Certification No. E472157 IP (Body) IP67 Cable Standard UL 2263 IP (Mated) IP44 Cable Length 5M C C J3400 (Body) AC 50mm J3400 AC EV Charging Connector EVC 3x10AWG+6x22AWG Amp AC 32A AC 50A AC 80A VCPN2A050A0 / VCPN2A050A0-RF EVC 2x8AWG+1x10AWG+6x22AWG VCPN2A080A0 / VCPN2A080A0-RF EVC 2x6AWG+1x8AWG+6x22AWG ※-RF Radio-frequency identification(RFID) VCPNXD080A0 DC 80A EVC 2x6AWG+1x8AWG+6x22AWG VCPN2A032A0 VCPN2A032A0-RF VCPN2A050A0 VCPN2A050A0-RF VCPN2A080A0 VCPN2A080A0-RF VCPNXD080A0 VCPN2A080A0 26 J3400 AC EV Charging Connector is a cutting-edge electric vehicle charging solution designed