Standard & Features Applications Product Specifications 6 VCPJ2A020D0 VCPJ2A042D2 VCPJ2A049D0 Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), PHEV, Charging Station, Portable EV Connector Cables and residential wallmounted Chargers IEC 61851: • Charging Mode 2, Case B • Charging Mode 3, Case B, Case C Item Number Cable Standard Amp Cable Specification VCPJ2A020D0 PSE 20A 3x2.5mm²+1x0.75mm² VCPJ2A042D2 PSE 42A 3x6.0mm²+1x0.75mm² The VCPJ series of EV Charging Connectors are Type 1 (PSE), Type 1 PSE is a Japanese standard for electric vehicle charging connectors, which is similar to the Type 1 62196 standard used in North America and Japan. However, the Type 1 PSE standard has additional safety requirements that are specific to the Japanese market. • The connector supports a communication protocol that allows the charging station to communicate with the vehicle's onboard charger to determine the appropriate charging rate and to monitor the charging process. • The Type 1 PSE connector is designed to withstand repeated use in harsh conditions. It is made from materials that are resistant to heat, moisture, and UV radiation. • Provides low contact resistance and is able to withstand a minimum of 10,000 mating cycles without damage to the cable or connector. • Ergonomic, rugged, unibody design provides optimal comfort and intuitive handling. • Products passed 5000N driveover test EV Charging Connector | Type 1 ( PSE) Type 1 (PSE) AC (Body) PS E Product Color Phase Rated Current Rated Voltage Force Lifespan Black Single-phase 20A,42A 240V AC ≤100 ≥10000 Cable Length Flammability Rating IP (Body) IP (Mated) Operating Temperature Main Materials 5M UL 94V-0 IP67 IP44 -30 ~50 PBT/PC/PA66/Copper Alloy C C VCPJ2A049D0 PSE 49A ,49A 3x8.0mm²+1x0.75mm²