WIRING ACCESSORIES SD-5025 50x25 ITEM NO. DIMENSION W x H (mm) LENGTH WIRES TO BE CONTAINED 2M W H W 446 SD-5050 SD-6040 SD-6060 SD-6080 SD-6545 SD-6565 SD-70100 SD-7264 SD-7540 SD-8060 SD-8080 SD-10060 SD-10075 SD-100100 SD-12080 SD-15075 50x50 60x40 60x60 60x80 65x45 65x65 70x100 72x64 75x40 80x60 80x80 100x60 100x75 100x100 120x80 150x75 20-30 PCS 80-90 PCS 100-115 PCS 120-135 PCS 180-210 PCS 110-120 PCS 180-200 PCS 250-300 PCS 200-220 PCS 120-135 PCS 180-210 PCS 240-290 PCS 240-290 PCS 260-320 PCS 300-400 PCS 300-400 PCS 335-500 PCS MATERIAL: VINYL MAXIMUM SERVICE TEMPERATURE: 85 C