Stainless Steel Cable Ties

P1 Stainless Steel Cable TiesSeries Various range of sizes Easy installation&Safer application Best Materials for Tough Environments Application Fields: K.S.Terminals Inc. proudly introduce a full rangestainless steel cable ties for aircrafts,marine andengineering construction applications. Over 17standard lengths from 152mmup to the longest 1050mmwill besuitable for the most application fields. Dependingon different width from 4.5mm to 12mmof stainless steel cable ties, theminimum loop tensilestrength will be certified from 45.3Kg to136Kg. K.S.Terminals stainlesssteel cable ties series aredesigned for self-locking, less-time consumption. There aredifferent mechanisms areprecisely designed in ladder type, ladder type withnylon coating,with ball lock andsoon for various requirementsof Min. loop tensilestrength. Combined the low insertion force, smooth surfaces, strong lockingmechanism factors, K.S.T.stainless steel cable ties seriesare perfectlyapplicable for safe, efficient, handy installation. Twomajor materials, 316 stainlesssteel and Nylon 11 , are especiallydesigned for the most toughenvironments. Temperature Range: 316 StainlessSteel : -80 C~+538 C Telecommunications Marine Vessels Aircrafts EngineeringMechanism CatalogNumber System : SHIPYARDS OILREFINERIES ANDOFFSHORE PLATFORMS (1) ST-Stainless Steel Material (2) L -Ladder type B -With ball lock (3) C-Nylon coatingon stainless steel (4) 195-Length (mm) (5) S-WidthRange : 4.5, 7,8,12 (mm) (1) (2)(3) (4) (5) S T L C - 1 9 5 S