Stainless Steel Cable Ties

KST specializes in premium-grade stainless steel cable ties crafted to organize essential materials and products effectively and securely across a broad spectrum of industries and commercial applications. Strength and Durability: Outperforming plastic ties, these stainless steel variants exhibit exceptional strength, lasting for many years with a minimum tensile strength of up to 270kg (595lb). Range of Sizes: Available in lengths from 125mm to 1200mm (5 to 47 inches), suitable for various applications. Food Processing Compliance: Compliant with food safety regulations due to their detectable metal composition and corrosion-resistant properties, commonly used in food processing plants. HVAC Systems Application: Securely fasten power and control cables in large industrial, commercial, or marine HVAC systems, ensuring long-lasting performance without emitting harmful gases or particles. Resilience in Extreme Conditions: Well-suited for harsh environments characterized by extreme temperatures, vibrations, or humidity, such as heavy industrial and marine applications. Weather Endurance: Constructed with 316-grade stainless steel, these cable ties can endure various weather conditions, UV rays, and resist corrosion, making them suitable for marine and outdoor use. *Rachet Cable ties use 304-grade stainless steel. Suitable for Varied Environments: These stainless steel cable ties excel in a multitude of environments, adapting seamlessly to both indoor and outdoor settings. Stainless Steel Cable Ties Page01 APPLICATIONS Electrical and Telecommunications Aerospace and Aviation Automotive, RV & DIY Marine and Shipbuilding Manufacturing and Industrial Oil and Gas Construction and Infrastructure Renewable Energy Food and Beverage Medical and Pharmaceutical