AC Charging Connector for Electric Vehicle

AC Charg i ng Connec tor for El ec t r i c Veh i c l e 12 AC mode Water Proof Dust Proof Wide Range Temp. Features Conformity in surface design with IEC 62196-2 Type 2 as well as product test accordance with IEC 62196-1 & IEC 62196-2. Applicable in both single-phase and three-phrase electric system. Exclusive magnetic lock with high speed connection for an extended lifespan. Applicable to Connection A and Connection B of IEC 61851. Certificated by TUV. AC Charging Connector for Electric Vehicle :IEC 62196-2Type2 Standard VCSI2A032B0 / VCSICA032B0 IEC 62196 IEC 62196 Application Charging pile Product Perimeter Project Specification Plug Color Rated Current Rated Voltage Force Lifespan Flammability Rating Operating temperature Main Material TUV Certificate NO. Black 32A 250V AC (Single-Phase) 250V / 480V AC (Three-Phase) ≦ 100N ≧ 10000 times UL 94V-0 -30℃~+50℃ PBT / PC / Copper / Copper Alloy R 50302730 88mm Ø63 80.5mm 60mm 60mm Ø7 Protection Level IP44 AC Charging Wire Spec. 32A Wire Standard Specification EN50620 5×6.0mm + 2×0.75mm 2 2