AC Charging Connector for Electric Vehicle

AC Charg i ng Connec tor for El ec t r i c Veh i c l e 14 Features Conformity in surface design with GB / T 20234-2015. Ergonomic and streamlined designs allow for user-friendly interaction. High protection level to resist severe environment. Products passed 5000N driveover test. Applicable to Connection B of IEC 61851. IEC 62196 AC mode Water Proof GB 20234 Application For connecting BEV, PHEV and charging pile. Types of connection : Case B Product Perimeter Project Specification Vehicle Connector + Plug Color Rated Current Rated Voltage Force Lifespan Flammability Rating Protection Level Operating temperature Main Material White 32A(Single Phase & three Phase) 480V AC ≦ 100N ≧ 10000 times UL 94V-0 IP54 -30℃~+50℃ PBT / PC / PA66 / Brass AC Charging Cable Spec. 32A Cable Standard 5×6.0mm +1×0.75mm 2 2 Plug EN50620 Color Black Specification VCCICA032B0-I0 Dust Proof Wide Range Temp. AC Charging Connector for Electric Vehicle :IEC 62196 TYPE2 TO TYPE2 EV Plug-to-Plug Charging Cable Set Vehicle connector Ø63 221mm 34.5mm 231.5mm Ø51 44.5mm