Battery Modular Connectors

12 Double-Pole BMC GX Series Double-Pole BMC GX connectors (Medium / Large) The 2-Pole BMC GX connectors enhance the capabilities of the standard 2-Pole BMC® connectors by offering additional features. Alongside the two standard primary power contacts, GX housings provide support for two auxiliary power/signal contacts. This additional space is specifically designed to accommodate two Single-Pole BMC 045 power/signal connectors, allowing for expanded connectivity options. This innovative design expands the versatility and functionality of the 2-Pole BMC GX connectors, catering to a wider range of power and signal requirements. Lock-pins BMC1S 1-Pole 045 (Small) Housing - Standard BMC1S-1 1-Pole 045 (Small) Housing Contact Proof BMC1S-FG 1-Pole 045 (Small) Housing Ground Connector ♀ BMC1S-MG 1-Pole 045 (Small) Housing Ground Connector ♂ BMC1S-G-GR 1-Pole 045 (Small) Housing Ground Connector MFBL BMCGM35AG 2-Pole 175 GX Contact 080A BMCGM60AG 2-Pole 175 GX Contact 125A BMCGL35AG 2-Pole 350 GX Contact 160A BMCGL50AG 2-Pole 350 GX Contact 175A BMCGL70AG 2-Pole 350 GX Contact 250A BMCGL80AG 2-Pole 350 GX Contact 275A BMCGL100AG 2-Pole 350 GX Contact 300A BMCGL150AG 2-Pole 350 GX Contact 350A 2-Pole BMC GX housings come in two sizes 175 GX (Medium) and 350 GX (Large). GX Housings come with two additional auxiliary ports which support 2x 1-Pole 045 (BMC1S) Connectors Note: Contacts & handles, lock-pins sold separately Auxiliary-ports support 2x 1-Pole 045 Housing (BMC1S) series of housings and contacts. BMCGX2M - 2-Pole 175 (Medium) Housing BMCGX2L - 2-Pole 350 (Large) Housing 2.795(71 ) .966(25.3) BMCGX2M (Medium) 3.622(92) BMCGX2L (Large) 1.299(33) 4.921(125) 3.366(85.5) H W L W H L -