Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless Steel Cable Ties Page05 Ratchet Type Standard (Uncoated) Technical information Material: 304 grade stainless steel is a cost-effective solution offering high temperature & corrosion resistance. Standard (Uncoated) Temperature range: -80°C to 538°C (-112°F to 1000°F) Color: Metallic Strap thickness: 0.3mm Benefits: Extremely high flame and UV resistance W L E Bag Quantity "W" Approx Width mm(Inch) "L" Approx Length mm(Inch) Max Bundle Dia Ø mm(Inch) Nylon Coated "E" Approx Head mm(Inch) STT-900 230(9.06) 900(35.43) 10(0.39) 48(1.89) 10 PCS STT-1100 300(11.81) 1100(43.31) 10(0.39) 48(1.89) 10 PCS STT-1315 380(14.96) 1315(51.77) 10(0.39) 48(1.89) 10 PCS • Ratchet mechanism ensures a firm, reliable grip without requiring time- consuming crimping or folding operations. • Durability and resilience owing to 304-grade stainless steel construction, offering moderate resistance to mechanical wear and corrosion. • Designed for versatile applications demanding a sturdy and secure fastening solution in both indoor and outdoor settings. Features & Benefits Releasable Type W L T=0.5mm Bag Quantity "W" Approx Width mm(Inch) "L" Approx Length mm(Inch) Max Bundle Dia Ø mm(Inch) Nylon Coated 100 PCS 100 PCS 100 PCS STC-152S STC-229S STC-305S STC-457S STC-610S 100 PCS 100 PCS Min Loop Tensile σ Kg(Lb) 38(1.5) 63(2.48) 86(3.39) 137(5.39) 185(7.28) 152(5.98) 229(9.02) 305(12.01) 457(17.99) 610(24.02) 6.3(0.25) 6.3(0.25) 6.3(0.25) 6.3(0.25) 6.3(0.25) 136(5.35) 136(5.35) 136(5.35) 136(5.35) 136(5.35) Nylon Coated • Releasable buckle design enables easy unfastening for reusability. • 316-grade stainless steel for exceptional mechanical and chemical durability. • Nylon coating provides superior cable protection, installer's hand safety, and enhanced insulation between different materials. • Fast, effortless, and reliable installation, capable of manual installation; hook hole at the end of the tie permits easy capture by hook-type tool. Features & Benefits Technical information Material: 316 grade stainless steel provides enhanced high temperature & corrosion resistance. Nylon Coated Coating Material: Nylon 11 Color: Black Strap thickness: 0.5mm Temperature range: -40°C to 120°C (-40°F to 248°F) Benefits: Enhanced Resistance to Corrosion