Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless Steel Cable Ties Page06 Cable Markers Nylon Coated / Epoxy Coated • Nylon 11 is known for its exceptional resistance to chemicals, solvents, and various corrosive substances. It offers excellent durability and resilience in chemical environments. • Epoxy-based Cable Markers are revered for their excellent electrical insulating properties and superior resistance to environmental factors. • Standard (Uncoated) - 316-grade stainless steel for exceptional mechanical and chemical durability. Features & Benefits W L C T=0.4mm SECPC/SECPCE T=0.25mm W L C SMPS W C L T=0.25mm SMPM Quantity SECPC-93 SECPCE-93 NA 99(3.9) 9.5(0.37) 0.4(.016) 11.9(0.47) 100 PCS SECPC-131 SECPEC-131 NA 137(5.39) 9.5(0.37) 0.4(.016) 11.9(0.47) 100 PCS SECPC-188 SECPCE-188 NA 194(7.64) 9.5(0.37) 0.4(.016) 11.9(0.47) 100 PCS NA NA SMPS-4.5 88.9(3.5) 9.5(0.37) 0.25(.0098) 5.9(.23) 100 PCS NA NA SMPS-8.0 102(4.02) 10(0.39) 0.25(.0098) 11(.43) 100 PCS NA NA SMPM-4.5 88.9(3.5) 19(0.75) 0.25(.0098) 6.2(.24) 100 PCS Nylon Coated Epoxy Coated Standard (Uncoated) "L" Length mm(Inch) "W" Width mm(Inch) "T" Thickness mm(Inch) "C" Cable Slot mm(Inch) Bag Technical information Material: 316 grade non-magnetic stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance. Differentiating Benefits: Nylon / Epoxy Coated Color: Black Temperature range: -40°C to 120°C (-40°F to 248°F) Cable Marker Thickness: SECPC/SECPCE: 0.4mm Nylon Benefits: Enhanced Resistance to Chemical Corrosion Epoxy Benefits: Provides greater Electrical Insulation applications where electrical conductivity needs to be minimized or isolated Standard (Uncoated) Color: Metallic Temperature range: -80°C to 538°C (-112°F to 1000°F) Cable Marker Thickness: SMPS/ SMPM: 0.25mm Benefits: Extremely high flame and UV resistance Item No. / Letter, Number, Symbol Description Bag Quantity SEC-A SEC-H SEC-O SEC-V SEC-3 SEC-BLANK SEC-B SEC-I SEC-P SEC-W SEC-4 SEC-PLUS(+) SEC-C SEC-J SEC-Q SEC-X SEC-5 SEC-MINUS(-) SEC-D SEC-K SEC-R SEC-Y SEC-6 SEC-EARTH(+- ) SEC-E SEC-L SEC-S SEC-Z SEC-7 SEC-SINE(~) SEC-F SEC-M SEC-T SEC-1 SEC-8 SEC-SLASH(/) SEC-G SEC-N SEC-U SEC-2 SEC-9 SEC-ARROW(←) 1000 PCS MARK T=0.6mm 9.5(0.37) 11.3(0.44) 3.5(0.14) Slide-on Bands